The Police Training Centre, Banderdewa was established in the year 1973. this has a very humble beginning under One Inspector namely Shri. M.B.Newer who was both Principal and CDI Under him one SI and 4 Constables were posted as an indoor as well as outdoor instructors initially there was only one OBT building used and Principal’s office in the thick forest and the area was occupied by a large number of wild elephants, snakes and leeches all around. Slowly and gradually it started growing into an Institute and got its status of proper institute after the post of first IGP Shri K.P.Shrivastava, IPS. In the year 1977 one DySP Namely Shri D.V.N Acharya was posted as Principal of PTC, IPS and Non-IPS in the rank of SP/SsP/CO was posted in PTC  since first November’1980.


             The Police Training Centre is situated near the NH052 adjacent to Assam which is 30 km away from Itanagar, the state capital of Arunachal Pradesh. It is an area of about 173.63 acres.



The institution is imparting basic training well as In-service course from Ct. to DySP/ASP. The break up of training imparted to various ranks till today.

       i)      ASP          -                  2

      ii)      Dy.SP        -                19

      iii)      Inspector   -                46

      iv)      SI             -               341

      v)      ASI           -               240

     vi)      H/C          -                450

     vii)    Const.       -              2050

    viii)     R/C           -              5043

Basic Training

                 (i)            33rd batch of Recruit Constable.

                (ii)           22nd batch Basic Operator Course

                (iii)         16th batch Basic course of Driver

                (iv)        3rd batch of Forest Guard

                (v)          1st batch of APEX Band guard

               (vi)        Grade IV staff course

                    (vii)    Basic course of Fire man.

      In-Service Training

  (1)         Re-orientation course for CIs and OCs

(2)         Serestadar course

(3)         Refresher course on weapon and Handling

(4)         Capsule course on check gate functioning

(5)         Refresher course for officers on weapon handling

(6)         Arnourer course

(7)         Intelligence course for SB staff

(8)         Traffic management course

(9)         Course on Tear smoke/Crowd control

(10)     Pre commando course

(11)     Pre VIP Protection course

(12)     Pre Bomb disposal course.



   The following facilities are available at PTC :-


 i)  Firing Range

ii) Drill ground

iii) Football ground/Volley ball ground

iv) Basket ball

v)  Cricket ground

vi) Obstacle Course

vii) Area for jungle training

viii) Driving track


                  (i) Gymnasium Hall

                 (ii)   Badminton

                 (iii)  Drill shed

                (iv)   Rope climbing facilities inside drill shed



 i)  Barrack for 300 men

ii) Residential Accommodation – 89 Nos

iii) Officer’s mess – 2 rooms


                  i)    Administrative block – 1 No.

                 ii)  Indoor class room     - 150 men capacity

                iii)  FSL Building             - 1 No.



                I)       Health Unit

                                  a)      Doctor      – 2

                                 b)      Comp.      – 1

                                 c)      Other        - 2

               II)       Primary School

                                a)      Teacher      - 7

             III)       Balwadi School

                                a)      Teacher – 3

                                b)      Aye      - 1

            IV)    Canteen

                               a)      Wet Canteen

                              b)      Dry Canteen

                              c)      Fair Price Shop


      1)     Library

2)     Recreation Hall for R/Cs

3)     Cable TV facilities.






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